The Space Cadets

Meet the crew:

Mission Control - A 30 (mumble mumble) something mother of 2 awesome and rambunctious boys. In a previous life, I worked on a satellite project and have always held the space program near and dear to my heart. My love of outer space rubbed off on my oldest (Enterprise) who can often be found transforming any empty cardboard box into a space shuttle.

Co-Pilot – The man who rockets my world (low hanging fruit and all). We’ve been married since 2007 and still occasionally gross others out with our mushiness. What can I say, I love him and he produces adorable children. He’s a keeper.

Spaceship Enterprise – He rocketed into our world in 2008 and we’ve been seeing stars ever since. He is bright, funny and can be bribed with money (hence Enterprise). He’s fond of outer space, and will talk your ear off about payloads and orbiters and solid fuel boosters.

Spaceship Discovery – He rocketed into our world in 2011 and we’re still reeling from the impact. He’s got the best smile and can win over anyone with just a glance. He’s fond of whatever his brother is playing with and whatever is on our plate. He’s got a lot of personality in his 21 lbs.

Mother of the year I am not. Pinterest makes me feel incredibly inadequate. My laundry gets folded when someone runs out of underwear. My house gets cleaned 5 minutes before people come over. But my kids do love me, so maybe next year?

Space Cadet Family

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