Give Tossed Salad a Whole New Meaning


We are adding to our fleet here in the Space Cadet household. Some people (ahem Glenda) actually enjoy being pregnant, I do not.

For example, here is today’s disgusting story. Don’t read if you have a weak stomach.

Usually when you have morning sickness you turn your lunch into, how do I put this delicately, lunch 2.0. This morning I switched it around. I try very hard not to be sick in front of the kids because I don’t want to scare them. This morning I held it together all the way through daycare drop off and as soon as they went into the room the dry heaving began. They like to look out the window and wave so I tried my very best to look normal. I succeeded until I was in the car and just about to pull out of the parking lot when suddenly I could hold it no more. Thankfully Co-Pilot was driving and I was in the passenger seat holding my lunch salad. Let’s just say that’s when I gave tossed salad a whole new meaning.

Tonight empty containers go in the car for just such a purpose. Pregnancy has a wonderful end product but sometimes the journey just blows.


The Space Cadets Enterprise is 4 years old, Discovery is 21 months old and I’ve had a long and nauseous pregnancy with both. Isn’t pregnancy fun?

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