Happy Birthday to the Queen

In our house, we DO birthdays. I believe that everyone should celebrate their birthday because it is the one day that people can celebrate you and be glad you were born. Some people think it is absurd to do BIG birthday celebrations or take multiple days to celebrate – I encourage it and will help find even more absurd ways to celebrate!

I am so very happy that the Queen’s was born. Her birthday is on New Year’s Day, so I do everything I can go the extra mile to ensure that she doesn’t get a half birthday celebration. I make sure that she gets a birthday celebration ON her birthday with the family, then another celebration when she can invite friends.

But this year, my big “Mommy of the Year” moment came on the day she returned to daycare. I forgot to bring cupcakes for her to celebrate her birthday at school. The teacher had the class make her a birthday card, they sang and had a grand time – but Mommy forgot the flippin’ cupcakes. The tiny ones – as she reminded Daddy when he picked her up. She was a little disappointed, but I was mortified.

I have a thousand excuses, but none of them matter. Cupcakes did appear the following day, but I still feel horrible. Do you have any “Mommy of the Year” birthday stories to share?

MommyBlogging is my own therapy. Don’t judge. Just grab a glass of wine and share your stories.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Queen

  1. Sorry. That stinks. I didn’t forget birthday cupcakes but I did bring in *gasp* home made cookies for their holiday party so they weren’t allowed to eat them. I forgot about their store bought only rule. The teachers ate them and liked them so at least they didn’t go to waste.

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