Improving Elf on the Shelf

First the rants:

  • The Elf on the Shelf is UGLY! I can’t be the only one thinking that can I? I like the whole concept, but why did they have to make it such an ugly doll.
  • I’ll own my grinchieness here, why does it cost $30? It’s a 3 inch doll made out of porcelain and felt, it should be in the dollar bins at Target. Also … see the bullet above.
  • It is cruel and unusual punishment to send something magical from Santa that you can look at but not touch. Aren’t there enough breakable Christmas items in your house that the kids have to keep their hands off? Why have a toy you can’t play with?

Anywho, since we do up Christmas around here and all the kid’s friends are doing it (peer pressure for the win) we have decided to invite an elf into our house this year.

Did you know that Santa takes special requests? We are asking Santa for a nicer looking one and to give it extra magic so we can play with it.

Since the elf that Santa is sending us isn’t like the elf in the story, he supplied us with a special poem that I am going to share with you in hopes that you’ll also invite a special elf into your house (and then email me the pictures of all the mischief that elf gets into).

Also, Santa had to stretch to make a few rhymes so if you have suggestions send them to him and maybe cc me.

If you want it all done up nice and pretty here is the pdf – Elf on Shelf


The Space Cadets  Enterprise is 4 years old, Discovery is 1.5 years old and our elf will be as adorable as they are.

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One thought on “Improving Elf on the Shelf

  1. I love that you noted “peer pressure for the win”! LOL I agree the elf is ugly, but I don’t have enough time to do the things I want to do already, much less adding on new things. I love the idea though, thank you for finding a way to do it on the cheap with a cuter doll!

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