July Can Suck It

We are finally getting back on track after a disastrous July. You’d think a month where we got to go to the beach not once but twice would be a good month. Grab your popcorn because this is going to be a long one.

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful July
That started from this drecho storm
And made me want to cry.

The Co-Pilot was a mighty strong man,
Mission Assurance was brave and sure.
Four passengers were unaware of the
Crazy wind storm, the crazy wind storm.

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny tent was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
Our business would be lost, our business would be lost.

In addition to our real jobs as Software Engineers we have a side business selling Crepes at fairs and festivals. I joke all the time that I am lazy but in reality I am a true type A personality and always want to be prepared. We had a 4th of July show on a Saturday so the day before (in extremely hot weather no less) we set up our tent and all our supplies. That night was the drecho storm. While we anchored our tent the best we could, steel poles are no match for 60 mph winds.

Once we finally cut our way through numerous downed trees to even get to the park, we had to figure out a way to clean all this up … with even more record breaking heat. Plus we had our kids and they couldn’t be out in the heat so we dropped them off with some (awesome) unsuspecting friends who we later roped into not only helping us clean up but bunking at their house. It was so hot that Co-Pilot nearly had a heat stroke.

There were downed trees EVERYWHERE and our power was out for 7 days so we relied on the kindness of strange friends. First we headed over to the House of Cards because while they were also out of power, they had a generator and running water. Once we wore out our welcome there, we headed over to the friends who we roped into helping us clean up downed tent and enjoyed not only running water but AC! Once we wore out our welcome there we bunked at the Lullaby League’s house for something like 5 DAYS!

Obviously, 5 days without power means 2 fridges and 2 freezers FULL of food that went bad. Insurance was nice enough to kick in for some of that, but not even close to the full amount. :(

Speaking of insurance, apparently the business insurance I have is not the business insurance I should have so it covered all of nothing. Neither did the festival’s insurance. If you can’t tell, I’m just a little bitter about the whole insurance thing.

We were headed off to our first beach vacation with my family when the power FINALLY came back on. I was packing for the trip in our 95 degree house when I saw the power trucks and jumped for joy. We spent one night in our house before heading off for a well deserved vacation.

On the way to our vacation we noticed that there was a nail in our very expensive run flat mini-van tires that we didn’t want in the first place but were a mandatory option for the mini-van we needed.

We came home from vacation to find that our AC called it quits.

Shortly after that my credit card was stolen. Thankfully we were not held liable for anything they charged but the credit card company was a real pain in the butt to work with. First of all, I’m really not a fan of outsourcing. I don’t expect no accent, but it can’t be so thick that I only catch every other word. Also, I find it hilarious that I talked to 3 “Bobs” and a “Susan”.

Next up, we had to deep clean all our crepe equipment which was completely covered with dust which gave me an incredibly bad asthma attach. It was so bad that climbing the stairs for the next entire week would seize my lungs into spasms.

Onto beach vacation #2 which prior to July I was feeling guilty about but now feel justified in taking it.

On the way to beach vacation #2 my laptop with all my pictures decided it couldn’t stand anymore Dora clips and committed suicide. Hard Drive failure, everything’s lost.

Vacation #2 was AWESOME and will be talked about later.

Unfortunately while we were on vacation our cats got out of their room (where their food and litter box is stored) and were unable to get back in. So our return was kind of shitty.

Sheesh, you are thinking. What more could happen! Well you will be sorry you asked. Next up our tenants leaving our rental house so we had to scramble to find replacements. Plus their garbage disposal decided to stop working so we had to fix that … also the AC. Cha-ching!

Then our AC died AGAIN, but the downstairs one this time so a whole new charge. We are our heating repair company’s customer of the year.

Co-Pilot stubbed his toe and good! Thankfully not broken but it turned a nice red/purple color which fascinated Enterprise. I find it appropriate that we limped into August.

And finally, remember way back when I was all smug that I found the cure for night terrors. Well a few of Enterprises (many) fears are the dark, tornadoes and trees falling on the house … all of which happened. And they happened the DAY after I explained that there was no way we would have a tornado here because we don’t have the right type of weather conditions for tornadoes. He will never believe anything I say again.

So 3 of his big 5 fears happened, we had to sleep in the basement, we then slept at 2 other people’s houses, then a week at the beach, a week back, another week at the beach, and finally back to a stinky house all lead to the return of his night terrors. Nightly night terrors that no matter what we did just did not resolve.  That’s a whole other post for the future.

So in short, July kicked our butt and it took until October to sort everything back out. But, I’m back so you may begin your rejoicing. And go!

2 thoughts on “July Can Suck It

  1. I am rejoicing as we speak! On to the best month ever! (October) But you most certainly did not wear out your welcome – our house just sucks when it is 10000 degrees and no AC and limited water use. I’d have dodged our house too!

    • I know, I just didn’t want to impose on your visit with your sister. We did have a lot of fun there so thanks!

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