Parenting in Q4

In the corporate world, Q4 signals the close of the business year and it is the time to hurry to finish the things you were slated for this year and plan for the upcoming new business year.

In the parenting year, October 1st signals the start of the holiday hustle. First, you have Halloween (which is the best holiday EVER, in my not-so-humble opinion), then you are lulled into a belief you have plenty of time … until BAM – Thanksgiving. This begins the whirlwind until Christmas and New Years. It isn’t until Q1 that parents can be found in fetal position on the living room floor covered in holiday décor and children running wild as they come down from the sugar high that is also known as Parenting in Q4.

I have been guilty of the holiday hustle and sometimes I even enjoy it. But I am here to remind you that there are:  

  • 92 days until New Year’s Day
  • 85 days until Christmas
  • 52 days until Thanksgiving
  • 30 days until Halloween (although many parties will be the weekend prior – only giving you 26 days)

As a mommy who loves to be crafty, a child who loves to do all the fun things all her friends get to do, and as a woman who enjoys small visits to sanity every once in a while – I begging you, the super-awesome mommies of the world who have the greatest ideas that are “super easy and fun”, please don’t come up with more “awesome-must-do-holiday-cool-stuff”.

The elf is cute, I love the elf and all the fun trickster things he can do, but I don’t have time to be that awesome.

Let’s stick to straight Halloween with fun costumes for the kids, and maybe the purchased costumes and be as fun as the homemade awesomeness you can do.

I will stick to the cookie exchange rules and they will be homemade, but if they are a little mis-formed… don’t judge.

When you see October 1st come around – are you excited, or do you dread the last few holiday-filled months of the year?

What are your family favorite things to do in Q4?

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2 thoughts on “Parenting in Q4

  1. I definitely dread the impact on my wallet of Q4. Each year I go in saying I’m not going to spend as much, but then there’s one more person I have to buy for, one more thing DS has to have, etc. I’m usually saved from whatever craft is all the rage each year just by staying OFF Pinterest (e.g. I remember rumblings about glitter pumpkins one halloween – was that last year or the year before?). I have zero need or desire to feel the failure that comes from not building a paper mache masterpiece with my son or crafting my own door wreath for every holiday. My store-bought decorations for fall are limited to one reasonably-sized container stored in the attic and I’m perfectly happy with that.

    • What is this you speak of – staying off Pinterest? Is there such a thing?? But you are right – my little internet addiction known as Pinterest is where I get the glazed look in my eye and end up feeling “less than” the super mommies.

      I will say that I went to a Halloween store recently and realized that our Halloween decore is better stocked than the store. I am not sure if it is more telling of their lack of inventory, or our abundance. This will be in a post to come!

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