Baby you’re a firework

We got a chance to try out fireworks on the Munchkin for the first time.  Although she’s seen sparklers, for the most part, my child has been denied such fun.  Why?  Well, because she couldn’t stay up late enough to even see any.  And, I also figured she was too young to really like them.
This year our friends The Space Cadets had no power due to a horrid storm that came through the week before, and found themselves shacked up with us.  Which worked out well for the 4th of July, as we had instant entertainment for the Munchkin, and they also brought something I didn’t think of:  FIREWORKS!
So we got the best of both worlds.  Small fireworks, right in our backyard, and they didn’t even have to go anywhere or stay up late to see them.

And I think we made the right decision to wait to introduce her to them, as here is the Munchkin, enjoying the show:

And here is Spaceship Discovery’s reaction:

Yeah.  Poor guy had to go inside, he wasn’t enjoying the show like the bigger kids!  It’s fun watching your kid grow up, because it’s amazing how much changes in just a few short years.  I imagine this time next year, Discovery will be more into it!


   I am not fond of playing with fire.

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