Another contender for the Next Mommy of the Year

I come from a long line of distinguished “Mommies of the year”. My mom is now working on the next Grandma of the year with 4 grand kids. My sister has 3 great kids (17, almost 13, 11). Sister is who I ask many of my parenting questions. When I am confused why the Kiddo is putting strange objects in strange places. She shrugs and says something along the lines of “Is it still there? No. Then don’t worry about it.” Wise Mommy, she is.

Last week she was visiting us and we had a WONDERFUL time with Grandpa, The House of Cards and her whole family. There was sibling rivalry from all the kids and even from the two grown sisters. Sister and my competitions were all in fun, but I think the kids were actually going to keep fighting to the death without periodic and strategic parental input.

Sister has chosen her battles wisely, as any good Mommy of the Year should. I begged her to write this entry for me, but we ran out of time (or she blew me off), so I am going to write this one for her.

When we went to visit the family in our home town, we made a side trip to go see the sister. It was in the middle of the school year, but was well worth the effort to go see them – even if we could only see them after school. We planned on taking Kiddo to the zoo while the kids were in school and the grown ups worked. As it turned out, Sister had much better plans. She was going to send her youngest with us! She keeps good grades and wasn’t going to be missing anything too important, and instead decided to let kiddo play hookey to come to the zoo with our little House of Cards.

I thought this was GREAT (because I am mommy of the year, ya know.) Clearly spending the day with her aunt, uncle and cousin was FAR more important than that silly old school lesson. We did “educational things” like found out that the best breakfast in town has a drive through if you go to the right location. We found out that ice cream can melt faster than a 3-year-old can eat it. We found out that the 3-year-old didn’t care and could lick it off her shirt. We discovered that my favorite sandwich in town is served not far from Cousin’s house. This is all very educational!

Most importantly, I learned that my sister is certainly a contender for Mommy of the Year for teaching her kids that life is only good if you live it when you can (and if you have good grades as they all do and not missing a test like the eldest kid and didn’t already miss school for actual illness like the middle kid).

Lessons to learn from the elder Mommy of the Year contender:

- Family is more important than anything kids will learn in school.
- If you have an opportunity for something fun – do it. Don’t ask why. Don’t question it. Do it.
- The question to ask is not “will I regret doing this?” The question is “will I regret not doing this?”
- Your younger sister is probably better at contests than you – but you can be a good Mommy of the Year mentor. (OK – that was my lesson for her – but she didn’t make time to write the post. Next time she’ll know.)

Note: I only said Sister was a contender for Mommy of the Year – it is totally going to be me! (but don’t tell her I said so.)


Mommy Blogging is my own therapy. Don’t judge. Just grab a glass of wine and share your stories.

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