Raising “the” finger

I strive to be one of those Mommy’s who encourages everything my child is excited about and to support her passions (even if she wants to wear pink – but that is a topic for another entry). I had my first instance in which I had to really redirect her pride. I felt bad, but I think society will thank me.

The scenario: we just got in the car and were headed to daycare. She was really excited and wanted to show me this VERY cool thing she FINALLY figured out. I was driving (on a road that you really have to keep your eyes on) so couldn’t look right away. I finally came to a stop where I could see what she was so excited about.

My child – boldly and proudly – was flipping me the bird. With both fingers high up in the air.

This was one of those moments that I have been told would happen and warned against laughing. I was successful in not laughing, but no one told me what I WAS supposed to do. I went with saying “Good job – now can you do this” and showed her how to properly do “the horns”.


She immediately got into it and showed me, proudly, how she could also do this by the time she got to daycare.

In case you were wondering who taught your kids how to do this – sorry about that. I figured it was better than the initial gesture. They are at least ready for their first metal concert.

Now who is going to fess up on teaching the raising of the finger? I would love to hear that story!

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