Summer fun

imageI love summer but my fair skinned boys can’t be out in the sun too long so it’s always a challenge finding something we can do outside that entertains them for a while but keeps them in the shade. I just happened to stumble into the perfect activity over the weekend.

Recipe for summer fun:

1 Large Cooler (Lid that hilariously (to me anyway) collapses on baby’s head optional)

1 Half melted bag of ice

Lots of empty yogurt, butter, milk containers

Scoops and Spoons

Mix together for a solid 30 mins of in the shade activities.


The Space Cadets  Enterprise is 3.75 years old, Discovery is 1.25 years old and thinks he can do everything his big brother can … which in this summer activity is true.

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One thought on “Summer fun

  1. Last year when the cousins were visiting, they all piled into the cooler with left over ice water in the bottom. Kiddo and one other cousin (that is all that would fit) would stand in the water. Nothing more, but kept them entertained for at least an hour. who needs a pool?

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