Kiddo gets a Binky until college

My sad photo shop rendition of the queen going to college with a binky.

Every parent has the lines they draw and the battles they pick. I was done with the frikkin binky. I swore to myself before kids that MY kid would not use one. Then I said it would only be a year. Then it was two. We are almost three and a half and I am DONE. I hatched a plan in my head to make the binky go away.

I knew it would be rough, even though we’ve been talking about it for a long time. We even built up the conversations to coincide with giving it to our dear friend’s new baby who needed it more than she did. She would even discuss the giving of the binky to the baby on her own.

I won’t incriminate myself on the details of how the plan played out. Rest assured, it would SECURE my place as Next Mommy of the Year. We will just say that it was “rough”. But – I dug myself into this hole – I can’t just leave it – right?

Finally – day two, still a bit rough, but not nearly as horrible as day one (it was kind of like a crack head going through withdrawals). We are now on day three and I am seriously considering giving the binky back to her.

WHY ON EARTH would a person do that, you ask? It is simple. She sleeps with the binky. I had the kid other parent’s envied. We would go get ready for bed, read a story, lay her down and off to sleep she would go. No muss, no fuss. It was GREAT!

Day one I didn’t expect an easy bed time. And I didn’t get one.

Day two – hmm – still not good. This time there was only small debates about the binky, but mainly she found every reason under the sun to stay awake.

Day three – she will NOT go to bed. I don’t know what to do with this kind of kid. Kiddo was the dream kid who gave no training on how to get other kids to go to bed. Now she is one of the kids who won’t go to bed. And – the worst part – she wakes up every few  hours at night – to talk to us, to cry because she wants us to come to her, for many reasons – none of which  involve Mommy and Daddy sleeping.

In my sleepy stooper, I think to myself “so what if she has a binky?? If it means she will be my little angel at night, she can have the damned thing until she goes to college for all I care.”

My fingers are crossed for day four, she has slept for 2 hours as of the writing of this entry… don’t judge me if my kid has a binky on her wedding day. It was worth it to me. Oh, and by the way – parents of kids who have binky’s I am sorry I judged you. I have learned my lesson. Again.


Mommy Blogging is my own therapy. Don’t judge. Just grab a glass of wine and share your stories.

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2 thoughts on “Kiddo gets a Binky until college

  1. OH MY GOSH, so THAT explains why she goes to bed so easy!! ;)

    Yeah, so, this is my view on the paci. At nighttime and naptime, I really don’t see why it hurts, unless there really is a tooth thing going on (but I hear thumb is even worse than that, and thumb can’t be easily taken away). I can see when they are talking, if they constantly have a paci in their mouth, it can be hard to understand them, so I lucked out that daycare took away them being able to have a paci while awake at 1 year, and only at nap, and then a 16 months it wasn’t available for nap, either. BUT that didn’t stop us from nighttime. And little kids need soothing. So damn if I was going to take it away too soon! :P

    But I also vowed to take it away by 3, and our trick was the Paci Fairy. We talked about it for about a week, and said on such-n-such a day, we’ll put all the pacis in this basket, and leave it overnight, and the Paci Fairy will come take the pacis to give to babies, and will leave Munchkin a present to thank her. First night, NO problem, just asked for it once when she realized she wouldn’t have it, then was reminded about the fairy. Woke up & wanted to see, so she found her Dora doll.

    For us, that seemed to do the trick, she slept really well with her Dora doll, and to this day will tell you the Paci Fairy brought it to her.

    HOWEVER, I don’t see that would have worked at ALL at age 2. 3, she understood delayed gratification (if that means, from night to morning, where she sleeps through the majority of the anticipation), and for some reason she did okay, much better than I thought she would. SO, in other words, there’s probably hope, and remember the good old incentive, haha!

  2. Thankfully it has gotten better in recent days. She wakes up (and when she wakes up, everyone wakes up), but tonight she went to sleep with relative ease and is still sleeping now… We did have to put her bed into a different position. In the middle of the room (I didn’t question the reasoning, I just moved the bed). Eh – I can deal with odd furniture placement more than the binky.

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