The Best Bubble Juice recipe!

I found this bubble recipe through a friend on this blog.  It’s very simple, and includes the following ingredients, and water:

So, I’m always having to redo the math to get the mix right because I use a salad tupperware container to hold my bubble juice.  You don’t want to make too much that you won’t use up, because it doesn’t “keep” well over the season (the stuff I had leftover during the winter definitely didn’t want to make any more bubbles this spring!).  BUT, if you use one of the big bubble wands like I pictured above, you will go through a ton of it, so you might just want to make up that gallon.  ;)

Otherwise, just follow this recipe with whatever measurement & container you have on hand:

6 parts water

1 part dish soap (I like Blue Dawn, this stuff does all sorts of things, from stripping cloth diapers to getting out stains)

1/2 part corn syrup
Tah dah!!  Don’t shake it up too much, just swish it around to stir.  Voila.



   I float in a bubble that I MADE from corn syrup and Dawn Liquid!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Bubble Juice recipe!

    • I am not sure what else might work – it serves as a liquid “glue” for the bubbles, making them stronger. Maybe try another syrup? I am curious to know how it works.

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