Deviled Easter Eggs

All the holidays are more fun with kids, which is why we end up pulling out our best creative ideas. As it turns out, the creativity is contagious – Funny Rico came up with an idea for deviled eggs with multicolored centers for an Easter-themed party.

The basic recipe is:

Start with whatever deviled egg recipe you like. The one I like comes from Rico’s lovely wife and is very yummy (all measurements are to taste):

Egg White

  • Dozen eggs (hard boiled and cut in half lengthwise)
  • Take out the yokes, leaving the white in tact
  • Mix the yokes with mayo and yellow mustard until creamy.
  • Add salt, dill and pepper until it tastes right
  • Now, you have the basic mix and it is time for the fun.

yoke mixSeparate the yoke mixture into as many portions as you would like colors. We went with four – yellow, orange, green and pink(ish).

coloringPut the portion of yoke mix into a small bowl with two drops of food coloring. If you want it to be a richer color, add more food coloring one drop at a time. Remember that the more you add, the more likely your teeth will turn that color. Let a little go a long way.

FillingThen put the yoke mix into a baggie, and snip the corner (for a home-made pastry bag). Then  squeeze the mix gently into the egg whites.

Voila – Deviled Easter Eggs.

Deviled Easter Eggs

I should also mention that Rico even made the mayonnaise that went in the eggs – he is super clever! Maybe he will be an honorary Mommy of the Year!


Mommy Blogging is my own therapy. Don’t judge. Just grab a glass of wine and share your stories.

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One thought on “Deviled Easter Eggs

  1. That’s awesome! Enterprise LOVES “Egg Devils”. I put all the ingredients in the ziploc and he loves squishing it around and then helping squeeze it into the eggs. His favorite part is that he gets to suck the last bit out of the bag.

    Also, really like that font.

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