You Can Call Me Mommy

You Can Call Me Mommy

Enterprise was an early walker/late talker. He would say ma ma often, but not really in relation to me. It wasn’t until nearly 18 months that we got a real Mama and until 2 years that we got any real words. However, once it clicked the flood gates open and it’s been nothing but Why? Why? Why? ever since.  Those first few Mama’s when he actually meant it were so special.

Lately he’s been playing around with what to call me. Between encouraging Discovery’s Mamas and Karate’s stranger danger objective of learning your parent’s real names, he’s realized that my name isn’t always Mommy. For a little while there he reverted back to calling me Mama and surprisingly I HATED it. Mama is cute coming from my baby, it’s less so coming from my 3 year old.

Every time he said Mama, I’d gently correct him that my name was Mommy, and after a while we got back to Mommy. Now he’s starting to call me Mom and I’m not quite sure what to do. I know eventually I’ll be Mom to him, but I’m just not ready yet. I have a feeling this is coming from his preschool. It’s already starting that you don’t want to be seen as a baby. Call me a poo-poo head but please don’t call me a baby!

So I’m torn, do I let him start calling me Mom and then lose his last vestige of being a little kid? Do I insist on Mommy because I just can’t face the fact that he is growing up so fast? The answer is it’s probably not even my decision to make. As long as he’s not calling me Mama or by my first name (no judgments, just not what I want for our family) I guess I’ll have to accept it. Man, I’m not ready to be a Mom.


The Space Cadets Enterprise is 3 yrs 6 months, Discovery is one, and I will always be their Mommy … at least in my own mind.

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5 thoughts on “You Can Call Me Mommy

  1. The Wiz calls me “Mama” when we talk to one another in front of the Munchkin, and she picked that up quickly. It annoys me, too, although not that much. MOM would be unacceptable. :P I want to be Mommy for a LONG long time. Being that this is my last one, I have to hold onto it as long as possible. I think, as Discovery will be calling you “Mommy” soon enough, you can use that as your excuse to hang onto it. :)

  2. I am having the same problem. I love “mommy”, but mom is ok. Kiddo has started calling me by the nick name Ace gave me. I would be less annoyed with my first name, which is repeated frequently when we go over the entire family’s full names (including extended family), but the nick name is of limits.

  3. I’m afraid if Enterprise starts calling me Mom, then Discovery will skip right over that phase and I”ll always be Mom to him. Why do they have to grow up so fast! It’s not fair.

    It’s very fitting to this but Enterprise can’t always pronounce Co-Pilot’s name correctly and often calls him “Rocket”. It’s also fitting that for a good long time he called himself “Poof”. I think I might have to start calling him Rocket.

    • I think I held off on being called “Mom” until Kid 1 was six. But Kid 2, who is two years and nine months younger than Kid 1, started calling me Mom at the exact same time. The older one was at least kind enough to ask permission to see if it was okay for us to be “Mom” and “Dad” before he did it (which was very sweet and devastating all at the same time). I was afraid that Kid 3 would immediately skip to Mom/Dad, but I’m happy to report that I get to be “Mommie” to one of them, at least for a little while longer.

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